Purple Mandala with Magenta Pink Roses

This has been the first time in a while I've started from a painting rather than a 100% digital process! I forget how fun it is getting messy fingers. I think it also makes the whole design softer. I got same new and pastels so of course the pinks and purples came out the box first! A mixture of violets and magentas. 

At the moment this is a series of 2 a Roses Mandala, and a Roses diamond.

Is it cheating to call it a mandala? It started as one then I reflected it through a 90° kaleidoscope. It still has that feel to it, the roses are cleaner on the diamond, but I can still see them here. 

I enjoy seeing the natural strokes of the pastels and gouache come through. The roses can be seen subtly on the mandala pattern.
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