Artist Date: Springtime Blossom inspired Tea Ceremony

AUTHOR: Jessica
POSTED: 31st March 2019

A busy week, between work, the gym, seeing friends and my creative projects. I had only had a couple of hours, on Saturday morning, to snatch an artist date. A brief window, with certainly not enough time to travel, so i’ve been pondering ‘at home’ date ideas.

On my morning walk, the flowers of early spring, forsythia, magnolia and cherry blossoms, reminded me of a tea ceremony I’d once watched in Munich, then of a floral tea I had in my caddy.

I’d seen a miniature glass teapot in town a few weeks ago. I’d thought it lovely though somewhat decadent to buy. My Charles Dickens teapot for my PG Tips, sits unused in my cupboard.

Then I began to picture it’s petals floating. An idea forming… Could I create myself a tea ceremony?

There is something special about taking the right drink from the right glass, a beer glass labelled with a microbrewery, a pina colada from a hurricane glass.

Yey! I had found this week’s artists date (& an excuse to treat myself to the teapot 😁)

I spent time learning about tea ceremonies around the world, and what I wanted to bring with me to mine. This serendipitous quote spoke to me… The purpose of tea ceremony is to  “remove themselves from the mundane seeking Harmony and inner peace”… much like the goal of an artist date.

I’d like to tell you it was perfect, but even on this early spring morning, my garden is home to hundreds of midges. Though the birds are singing, they are competing with the rumbling of the juggernauts on the road outside my house. And of course as soon as I knelt down, the sun disappeared.

But it was still beautiful watching for 6 minutes, as this ball unfurled to reveal a tied bouquet, of a luminous yellow flower, then the sweet aroma and taste of vanilla. As well as experiencing the gratitude of having an outdoor space of my own on sunny days like this. Taking the time to be present, framed by the forsythia florals that first inspired my tea ceremony.

I’m really buzzed about this artist date idea, as there’s always time for tea. And with so many possible twists on it, the experience can be reinvented anew over and over.

2 thoughts on “Artist Date: Springtime Blossom inspired Tea Ceremony”

  • What a delightful Artist Date.
    What a beautifully written post!
    What an awesome blog name/web addie.
    Get the feeling you can do no wrong? πŸ˜‰
    It’s displayed beautifully on my Smart Phone.

    • Hey Frances, thank you so much for your kind words 😁 I’m feeling happy with my first attempt, there is lots to learn though (like how to approve comments 🀣)

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